Science + Religion

A night of conversation with Dr. Mike Strauss on science and faith issues.

"If you're only hearing one side of the story, you're not being educated. You're being indoctrinated." 

- Dr. Mike Strauss

Join the Conversation

You are invited to join the conversation with Dr. Mike Strauss, Doctor of Physics and Researcher at CERN, to discuss the compatibility of scientific evidence with the existence of God.

When: Wednesday, November 7 @ 7pm | Doors open at 6pm

Where: Moody Music Building | 810 2nd Ave, Tuscaloosa

Who: This is an event open to the public with specific consideration for college students in Tuscaloosa at UA, Stillman, and Shelton State.

What: This conversation will include a scientific presentation by Dr. Mike Strauss followed by an extended time for live Q&A.

Cost: This event is free to the public. Dr. Strauss' recent book will be available for purchase before and after the conversation.

Ask your Questions

Dr. Strauss invites you to bring your questions on November 7 for the live Q&A that will follow his presentation. We also welcome any questions about Dr. Strauss, this event, or issues of science and faith by submitting a question below.