College Leadership Team

God has positioned you in time and given you gifts and talents to serve Him in this generation.

What is College Leadership?

Our heart ultimately beats for one thing: college students knowing Jesus Christ. We believe God has given us an extraordinary opportunity to impact the lives of college students by helping them encounter Jesus, find community, and ultimately reach the world.

By being a part of Leadership team you will be a part of a small, but passionate, group of students who desire to bring this to life but make no mistake: this is a leadership team; not a volunteer team, and we believe this with everything in us. We are looking for students who, at the core of their being, want to be a part of seeing lives changed on our college campuses in Tuscaloosa, in our city and ultimately in the world as we are sent out to it.

This means You can expect to work hard — reaching a generation is hard and it takes initiative because leaders lead the way but we believe it is a privilege and an honor to get to be a part of a team assembled by our unstoppable God to achieve His purposes. However, you need to know that we don't pick the perfect, the put together, and the presumptuous. It's not that we want you to think less of yourself: We want you to think more of our God!

If this is you: we promise that we will do everything in our power to help you discover, develop, and use the gifts and passions God has uniquely given to you. We promise to let you dream God sized dreams, but more than that, we promise to help partner with you to see how God can bring those dreams to life.

If this is you, come run with us and let's see how God will change you, change us, and change the world through us!

What are the expectations of College Leadership?

Our four primary expectations are known as our heartbeats. The Well's Leadership heartbeats are:

  • You commit to making The Well better. You have a voice, and as a co-owner of The Well, you are responsible to analyze and give feedback for ways to improve what we do.

  • You commit to taking the ministry of The Well personally. As Calvary is your home, your community, and your church, you commit to personally impacting The Well in ways that will only make it better and reflect Christ more brightly.

  • You commit to collaborating with others. You cannot fulfill your role alone. You commit to leaning on others, their experiences, passions, skills, and gifts to accomplish larger goals for The Well.

  • You commit to replacing yourself. You commit to finding someone to empower, coach, mentor, and raise up to replace yourself after you leave. You commit to investing in others because people matter.

  • You commit to being a part of covenantal leadership. You are committing to having trusted in Christ alone as your Lord and Savior, and you are now part of a community of believers who are living out the mission of God together. When filling out the application you will be asked to commit to being in agreement with the convictions, core values, beliefs, and to committing yourself to the Lord and to the members of the family to protect our unity, share in, and support the ministry of The Well. This is because we believe the Bible clearly stats that leadership is stewardship, it is temporary and we are accountable for it.

Where can I lead on College Leadership?

HOSPITALITY TEAM (Connectors): These are the first faces that welcome all who come through the door. They are the connectors and bridge the gap for new-comers through intentional follow-ups.

EVENTS TEAM (Creators): These are the creative and strategic masterminds behind all our fellowships gatherings within The Well.

PRAYER TEAM (Intercessors): Prepare the way through weekly prayer that engages, involves, and leads The Well students in corporate prayer.

WORSHIP A/V TECH TEAM (Architects): The builders and producers of The Well's Wednesday night service, and manages The Well's podcast and microcast episodes. The unsung heroes behind the stage.

MEDIA TEAM (Storytellers): Tell the stories of the memories and moments we have with Jesus and with each other at The Well. Through photography, graphic design, videography, writing, and social media we want you to showcase to the world the stories of God for the people of God.

FRESHMEN LIFE GROUPS (Nurturers): Creators of a vibrant, Christ-centered community that leads and nurtures freshmen guys or girls into intentional conversations and relationships. Life is better together.

UPPERCLASSMEN LIFE GROUPS (Nurturers): Creators of a vibrant, Christ-centered community that leads and nurtures upperclassmen guys or girls into intentional conversations and relationships. Life is better together.

KID'S CLUB @ MCKENZIE COURT (Mentors): To live out the gospel and invest in our community through sustainable, loving, and intentional relationships within the McKenzie Court community.

INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY TEAM (Influencers): To mobilize and equip The Well to intentionally pursue and build relationships with the international community in Tuscaloosa and advance the gospel among the nations.

THE BROWN HOUSE (Mentors): Connects college students with an ongoing tutoring ministry, the After-School-Thing, in the West Circle public housing community in Northport, AL. The After-School-Thing consists of homework and literacy assistance, snacks, gardening and playtime.

S.D. ALLEN MINISTRY TEAM (Deliverers): Responsible for coordinating volunteers, scheduling help for furniture deliveries, picking up and delivering furniture to and from homes. This leadership opportunity will help meet physical needs as well as being the hands and feet of Jesus in our local community.

How do I apply for College Leadership?

Find the application that applies to you below. If you are a new applicant, please schedule a time for an interview via Calendly (it is within the new leadership application). Interviews for new applicants will take place in the College Office April 9 - April 18 in groups of 3-5.

Returning Application opens March 3 and closes March 24.

New Application opens March 6 and closes April 7.

When is the 2019-2020 Leadership Team selected?

The Well staff team does not take the selection process lightly. We humbly ask for you to pray for wisdom, discernment, and the Spirit to lead the entire selection process. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

If you are selected for the 2019-2020 Leadership Team, you will be notified via email no later than Wednesday, April 24. Additionally, you will be expected to attend the first Leadership meeting on Sunday, April 28 in the Annex from 4:30-6:00pm.

"Leadership has taught me to sacrifice myself to serve Christ, Calvary, and our community. Leadership has strengthened my ability to lean on the strengths of others so that we accomplish our goal as a team. Lastly, it has reminded me how much of a blessing it is to be a small part of lives saved and lives changed!"

-- Aaron, Sophomore